Jr. Ranger Vest

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These vests are customized with Badlands National Park printed on the left pocket. They come in army green or green camo, depending on availability. Kids will love this lightweight Junior Ranger activity vest. Plenty of pockets, with zipper and Velcro closures. Keep small treasures safe. Base vest venting made of a polyester mesh and pockets are a 67% poly/33% cotton blend. Perfect for family outings! Available in olive green only. Available youth sizes: small, medium, and large. Available adult sizes: small (youth XL) and medium (youth XXL). *Sizing on children's clothing is hard to guess, but our best guess would put the sizes in these in age ranges to give you an idea. Remember this is not guaranteed to be a size that will fit the child you are buying for, this is just our best guess. By age group. (S, 2-4) (M, 5-7) (L-7-9) (XL 9-12) (XXL 12-small teen)
Brand: Wild
Total: $29.95
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