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Badlands Natural History Association
 Product Detail - Postcards from South Dakota

Postcards from South Dakota
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Postcards from South Dakota sends you more than 200 penny postcard-sized bits of flatland history, most trivial in nature, but interesting, such as the most unusual will ever written in South Dakota, scratched on an old shingle after the farmer suffered a heart attack while chopping wood, and quickly put down on wood who got the farm. There's a postcard on how our National Anthem became so after it was heard played at sundown at a South Dakota fort manned by the same Custer cavalry unit decimated on the greasy grass along the Little Big Horn River. Read little known facts about the life of Poke Alice and Calamity Jane; buffalo hides and bones and what became of them, how the notorious prairie wolf Three-Toes finally met his end, what troopers on duty in far-off prairie Indian country outposts ate for breakfast, dinner and supper, and hundreds more of history's little momentary pauses and antiquity's commas